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Why is it so important?

Barbara came to Move More with a progressive condition that causes her to be more at risk of falling. She is much younger (71) than the rest of the group and has been active until recently.

She walked cautiously and with purpose – it is not a natural movement for her but one that will means she is less likely to fall.


Reaching arms overhead as part of a balance element of falls preventionIt isn’t a question of “if she falls” it is more around “when she falls”. That is her world.  Can you imagine living a life knowing that you will fall most days. We often take our bodies for granted until it doesn’t work.

She couldn’t accept her new life falling – and still doesn’t.

Barbara tries to be the independent woman that she has always been and is frustrated at her body and how it is holding her back.

Exercise helps

So she comes to class, every week, without fail. She practises her exercises at home, without fail. We have progressed her and encouraged her, helped her up and advised her and she works so very hard. She has been taught that the evidence is when you perform specific movements outlined to her she will reduce her falls.  She knows she needs to keep practising and moving forever.

And the results…

She sees improvements every week and so does her husband. He is not so worried about her now. She may not fall so much and she is getting back to the “old Barbara” and she has re-joined groups and is much happier. The improvements are amazing. She has been seen out an about walking around the shops and people can see the improvements. These comments are good for her soul. She is proud of her achievements and we are proud of her too.

Baby steps are still steps forward. That is all we ask to be the best version of yourself and to Trust the Process.

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