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By: admin On: July 29, 2018

Our working future

What will I look like at 68 when I supposedly retire from working? When I was a kid I thought 68 was ancient. Now I have friends who are in their 60’s and quite frankly, fabulous.  60 is the new black.  I know we are all living longer but are we living well longer?

In the near future as our society continues to age, we are faced with elderly grandparents and great grandparents living in to their 100’s, and we will possibly have grand children and great grand children of our own. Do you think we will look healthy? Will we be able to carry on working? Do you think we will be relying on medication and living with chronic health conditions?

Are we inclined to change? Will we be fit to work?

If we are ready to change, where do we begin? Worried about where to start?

So, if we start today to change the health of our future, these are some of the considerations and assumptions:

  • Start with Pilates and core strengthening exercises – without a strong core, it  is a challenge to build strongWomen working hard and stretching in a pilates class architecture
  • Learn to relax and use mindfulness in your life – the stress in life is ageing us. Learn to unplug
  • Pick up some weights and put some resistance on your body – this builds strength in the bone and improves the health of the bones
  • Tweak the diet and eat your greens – ditch the fast food and reduce processed food where possible
  • Have a least one vegan day – it helps the planet and it helps your bowel too
  • Take supplements if you can’t support the diet well enough
  • Move – walk, skip, jog, run, dance – it is not complicated – simply move your body
  • Sleep – quality sleep boosts the immune system and supports all the other good stuff
  • Laugh – we can take this life too seriously
  • Write it down – if you write it down you work towards better goals
  • Be more flexible – as we age we get stiff and lose our flexibility. This needs to be worked on continuously
  • https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/exercise/exercise-as-you-get-older/

If you could talk to your younger you what would you advise?

Don’t worry about the size of your bottom – you are not airbrushed on a magazine. Too many days wasted, worrying what you look like.  You have a body – love it. Once you start being kind to yourself, you will see a change. Making small daily changes will have a great longer term impact on you.

I love working. I plan to live long and live well. To take care of my body and have gratitude for life.

We at iCareiMove would love to hear your stories and how you plan to stay strong, stay well and live a great life.  At 68 I plan to be stronger than ever, calmer than ever and rocking life with a great attitude.

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