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By: admin On: April 29, 2019

When Hope is denied

When you are told there is nothing else that can be done then all hope is lost, Right?

Or if you give positivity, then that is false hope, Right?

False hope is something that can’t always be given because of Ethics and then when good happens then that is great news, Right?

If I am told, there is no hope, then I will take on the attitude of  “Well I will just stop now. Why bother trying to make an effort”. I shall begin my demise and probably die much earlier with an ugly and costly end of life.

Snake Oil Works

No it doesn’t. I completely agree that false hope, dishing out the snake oil and promising miracles, is simply, morally wrong. With that said, I firmly believe in COURAGE.  I believe that if you take someone’s hope away, you take their spirit too.

I may fully acknowledge that someone who has had a stroke may not be able to fully recover physically but if that person works through our methodology, they will make improvements holistically. They are not being fed false hope, but given encouragement, mental wellness and a reason to be.

Words are Damaging

With all the research and narrative around mental health these days, surely we know better than to take someone’s spirit away? Over fifteen years of delivering wellness programmes for the chronically unwell we have seen improvements time and time again. Hope is the only thing stronger than fear. We are afraid of hurting people’s feelings with false hope but not afraid of being hyper-cautious. We need to stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could go right.

Examples of their new reality include:

  • Walking the dog for the first time
  • Washing behind the neck because she couldn’t lift her arm previously
  • Standing unaided with confidence
  • Walking the grandchildren on the beach
  • Feelings of purpose and happiness
  • Confidence in showering unaided
  • Return to home after a stay in a care home
  • Improved posture

Shall I continue?..

Active Seniors exercising in a community centre

Active Seniors exercising in a community centre

“Don’t let people die before they are dead”

Qualitative Data

Thankfully we have 15 years of testimonials of the work we do to keep people steady on their feet. Whilst we are not promising miracles we are witnessing magic. I suspect that magic comes from reinforcing confidence and providing support with a can-do attitude.

I suppose I am saying that maybe our approach to the chronically unwell should be more about support, guidance and encouragement.

We inspire people to:

  • Work and to do the best with what you’ve got and to keep going.
  • Get up and find mini joys in each days.
  • Keep going after clinical support has had it’s turn.
  • Encourage community engagement and support the basic needs of individuals.

When the world says “give up”, Hope whispers “try it one more time”

Trust and Hope

Most of all to trust that we are in this to make peoples lives better and that we have the power to persevere or pivot depending on the needs of the person. That we can flex and our well versed method can make the unthinkable, wonderful.




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