By: admin On: November 29, 2019

Helping us to reach more people

Blessed with funding from Smartline we were able to build Totter App and are now ready to go live.

Totter was created and pitched in the summer of 2018 but it took until February 2019 to get going with funding and full steam ahead.

City dwellers moan about slow networks and 4G whilst us rural folks sometimes have no 3G and are blessed when we don’t have to dangle from a chimney to pick up a signal.

It has been a wonderful learning curve to work with leaders in machine learning and App technology. What a great chance to reach more people, especially as one day it will be us.

Our Totter iPad App is designed to keep people steady on their feet. By using a simple play list we can build a series of movements supporting strength and balance from a bed to a chair, from sitting to standing to moving.

Bed to Chair, Sit to Stand

We at Totter HQ have created a method to keep you active from a bed, a bed to a chair, a chair and then to stand and even better stand and move more. Totter has been created to help those less mobile and with health conditions. Written by industry health experts with over 50 years collective experience their knowledge has been put together to create content for the Totter App.

Testing of the App has finished and iCareiMove, owners of the App are ready to go live on the Apple Store.

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