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By: admin On: June 25, 2018

Top Tips for managing this heat.

It’s ok if summer is your thing, but even the toughest athlete would struggle in this summer heatwave with highs of 29 degrees celsius.  Whether you are young or elderly, there are plenty of tips to keep us cool and manage this hot spell.



If sat outside, find the shaded spots. Keeping curtains closed too can help keep rooms cool.

What to wear

We know that dark colours can attract and retain heat. Light colours, cool layers and things that make you feel comfortable. Breathable fabrics and natural fabrics such as linen and cotton. Try to keep your neck cool. See Ice Ice baby rules for ideas.

Deckchairs on the beachThe Bathroom in the fridge

Moisturisers, sun creams, lotions and even perfumes can all be stored in your fridge and bring instant coolness to your summers day.

Ice Ice Baby

A wet flannel put in a freezer bag and kept in the fridge may become your coolest friend. Once chilled, take it out of the bag and wrap it around your wrists to cool your veins. This brings instant relief.

What to eat!

I love that spicy food can actually make you cool down. Hot spices can make you sweat in the summer heatwave which is natures way of cooling you down! Try it, you may be surprised.

Time of Day

Avoid the hottest time of the day to venture out. It is too wearing and can be dangerous if you are vulnerable to the heat. Early mornings and late evening strolls are good for the soul and the day is certainly cooler. See if you can find a companion to join you.

What to drink

It is true that warm tea can be extremely refreshing. The best advice is, keep sipping away. Drink little and often all day. Give the caffeine and the alcohol a rest though. Both can be over challenging on the kidneys and can dehydrate you, if you are consuming lots of coffee and alcohol.


For 10 minutes each morning, get sunshine on your skin. It is essential to get Vitamin D and the best way especially in this summer heatwave is to allow yourself some exposure to the sun-rays. Sunscreen is excellent and we should never really venture out without it, however if you are taking care of your bone health, then go sunscreen free for a little while. This helps with calcium absorption. Then get your cream out of the fridge and slap that good stuff on.

Exercise in the Summer heatwave

Just make sure that you are dressed appropriately. You have your phone with you and switched on. Ensure constant hydration throughout your sessions, not matter how light or intense your exercise is.  We never say DO NOT exercise, we say move your body to suit your environment, climate and sense of wellbeing.

Final Thought

Relaxation and a little cooling, calming meditation just to keep those stress levels at bay and keep you lovely and relaxed. Take a look at some our our freebie relaxations to give you some tips.

Click here for more information about the heat and coping.



    • Clare
    • June 25, 2018
    • Reply

    I didn’t know about spices making you cooler! Brilliant x

      • admin
      • June 25, 2018
      • Reply

      I’m glad you enjoyed the blog. Food can have a huge impact on your temperature, that includes protein. It uses a lot of energy to burn in your body.


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