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By: admin On: June 24, 2019

Sharing Positivity in Care and Health

For those that know me (Helen Tite The Wellness Anarchist) you will know that I am extremely positive, cup half full, always a silver lining, speaks from the heart kind of girl. Someone who truly believes that no matter what, there is good in the world. I am somewhat of a enigma to people who work and reside in adult health and social care. I am not worn down by the stress of bureaucracy and CQC, I live outside of that world and for that reason share great stories of when things go right for businesses we should shout about it.

“In fact I am that person who thrives on happiness.

Ironic for someone who also suffers with anxiety but that is another story.”


Childish Attitude

My attitude can be perceived as naive and childish but I witness plenty of great practise and constantly wonder why don’t we hear more stories of great care, great support, great pathways?  Why do we prefer to hear about bad practise, awful care, bullying and morally wrong doings?  Remember I have been a carer too so I have seen first hand both sides of care and I have also witnessed too many failures in the pathway, from hospital to home and back again. I am exposed to all sides of care but will continue to talk about when things go well. Because you have to love what you do and be reminded of the why. Why are we doing this?

Comparing Care to a Dogs Life

When you beat or ignore a dog, it becomes nervous and resentful, compliant and aggressive. You love that dog and give it care and kindness it flourishes into your best friend. Surely if we give kindness and care to a stressed sector we can instil the beginnings of change? We can create positivity and support the confidence to evolve.


OutCry WarCry

Where there is good care, there would be cries of disdain towards the previous statement. Chants of  “we have good care” however it still is not newsworthy enough when there is dirt to be had to make a great story. But if you keep doing what you have always done, you will get what you always get. Right? Maybe it is time to change up how you present stories to families, friends and communities.

Shouting about the good stuff feels vulgar or lacks morality but the reality is that all businesses have a bottom line. Promoting care is building business to the next resident, the next generation.  The truth is, people move on from care, albeit back to their homes, or hospitals or sadly they die. The sector continues to run and promoting sales and opportunities is actually good business practise.

We are all getting older, ageing does not mean we should decline at this rate. Ageing means there is a growing market, more needs, more older people, more heath care, more business. So then tell the stories, share good practise, use the power of social media to influence your local and global markets.

Battered by GDPR and Safe Guarding Police

A shudder and a shiver when we flippantly use the phrases GDPR and Safeguarding. For the record, compliance and safety first. Every time. Without fail. That is not flippant. It is a fact. Seek to use films and photography with permission to support good practice. As the world uses social media more and more as we are of a digital age, get the permissions and promote. A picture paints a thousand words right?


“If your person and/or their families believe in you and your service, then encourage them to help you share their stories.”

Helen has collapsed with laughter on Daves arm.

Dangerous together. Both laughing at our naughtiness

Our Positive Brand Film Story

We were blessed that we were working with an organisation that helped us get on our digital ladder. CAHSC  They connected us with Perranbay Care Home in Perranporth Cornwall. Together with our iCareiMove Community clients, we created brand film that tells a story of when things work. I wanted to share a good story with you. Why we should never give up and why we must remain positive.

Your WarCry

Two things you are in total control of in life are your attitude and your effort. Positivity is a choice. I shall carry on being annoyingly positive and will continue to sprinkle it wherever I go. Positivity is a superpower and it can change someones world. Let positivity be your war cry in care. Hope builds dreams.

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