What we offer?

Our Community tackles inactivity, improving health, education and quality of life of the older population and those that work with it through an engaging range of fun, effective and safe exercise and wellbeing programmes at an affordable subscription.  Our business is to make you well.

Our technology is secure, simple and accessible.  It enables any subscriber to visit our products 24/7 in any environment. The magic of movement is encapsulated on film, audio and downloads designed to reach the unreachable.  With the launch of our web app imminent you will soon be able to take iCareiMove® with you anywhere with all the data synced and backed up via iCloud.

Our staff training will include live cpd modules, blended learning, interaction, practice, online support and regular updates to enable your team to deliver the iCareiMove® programme in your establishment.

You are a business that cares and is driven by the provision of a quality service to your clients and upskilling and educating your own people.  Our interactive portal, training packages and education will drive a healthier and happier lifestyle all round.

Our incredible team

In terms of scalability and quality assurance, we need to ensure that our customers are delivering the same product as safely as ourselves. We draw on knowledge from our Team whose total experience covers health and wellbeing, Hospital and clinical practice, capture and business management, leadership and development. Our talented one stop shop of professionals.
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Founder of Core Health Consultancy and iCareiMove® she is one of the most respected Wellbeing pioneers in the UK. When you talk to her, you feel the passion and vibrancy ooze from her. She is a storyteller and is not afraid to speak out about her cause. She works within specialist health populations and reaches into communities who historically were overlooked. Helen takes her vision of holistic health into corporates, businesses, and charities. She is a business mentor, her passion drives her and that is why she stands out. She makes it fun and liberating, especially for women and their confidence. Helen is determined to make a difference "Everyone deserves to move" is her mantra.

Pat Taylor

Pat Taylor

Director of Health

Registered Nurse, Postural Stability Instructor, all round good egg Pat Taylor Care is all she does. They say she is the good one... This is apparent when training the staff on falls prevention or holding hands of the people she cares for. Pat is found on the front line delivering live classes and speaking with Dementia groups, care homes and patients in community settings. Pat is responsible for writing the evidenced based courses based and supports the workforce with the iCareiMove Project. “You are not too old and it’s not too late”

Alison Hunt

Alison Hunt


Our amazing advocate, volunteer, and supporter of the journey of iCareiMove®. Alison works fulltime for the NHS yet dedicates much of her own time to support the team. Some would say she has more neck than a giraffe and she absolutely goes the extra mile to help people out. Alison IS the definition of “Volunesia” That moment when you forget that you are volunteering to change lives because it is changing yours. You will find Alison behind the scenes, directing films, creating networks and finding new ways to make things happen and to promote the health and wellness benefits that iCareiMove® is designed to bring to its clients. 'Let's make it so' is her mantra

Helen Tite wins Influential Woman of the Year…

The whole team at iCareiMove® is very proud to announce that Helen Tite has won the Influential Woman Category for the 2018 Devon & Cornwall Venus Awards. Referred to as the Working Women’s Oscars, the Venus Awards were formed in 2009 to recognise, reward and celebrate local working women in business. Helen runs a coaching practise called The Wellness Anarchist where she supports women in business, life and courage.

winner logo for Venus Awards

Our Supporter

CAHSC – Cornwall Adult Health & Social Care Learning Partnership – is an independent Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) formed by Members committed to the development of the adult health & social care workforce in Cornwall. CAHSC accesses and delivers funding for adult social care workforce training.

CAHSC’s membership is representative of the wide range of stakeholders and is able to reflect the views of its membership.

Why choose iCareiMove

People who live alone aged 65 yrs+
People with dementia in the UK
% reduction in falls when partaking in home based exercise
Average age of our Strength & Balance class client

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