Strength & Balance: 1 Day

The course is targeted towards those who fall or are at risk of falling.  Those who may be frail or elderly but certainly those who are unsteady on their feet.  The course provides the essential underpinning evidence based knowledge required to deliver any of our iCareiMove® services safely.  This course is mandatory and must be completed before any other course is commenced.

Bed to Chair: 3.5 Hours

Designed for those who spend more of their time in bed during treatment or with chronic health conditions.  Targeted exercises to build strength encouraging independence and for those who are less able. The course provides the essential underpinning evidence based knowledge required to deliver any of our iCareiMove® services safely.

Smile & Reflect: 3.5 Hrs

Music based seated activities which are suitable for cognitive impairment and forms of dementia.  Seen in Memory Cafes and group sessions to address mental agility and happiness and may help to delay the onset of further symptoms.  The reminiscence, reflective and de-stressing method to promote a sense of wellbeing & calmness.

Elixir Fitness: 3.5 Hrs

Quick and tasty. Short bursts of energy for all levels of capability. A zing of interval training for workforce and sometimes their customers.  Elixir allows you to think differently around being active and can be integrated into hand overs and daily activities.  This is easy, fun and designed for anyone.

iRepose: 3.5 Hrs

We don’t hug trees. iRepose helps you understand stress and its impact on everything you do. Not Stressed?  We all need to understand how hormones are responsible for everything we do. iRepose includes, Mindfulness and Meditation techniques including music ideas and scripts to support you an understanding of the central nervous system and tips for becoming more balanced.

iBalance: 3.5 Hrs

Elements of Pilates, Tai Chi and Yoga based relaxing course which can be delivered either seated or standing.  We teach you to deliver simple balance techniques to build confidence with this gentle and progressive wellbeing program. Adapted exercises to suit a range of needs. Films and scripts support this.

iDefine – Future beyond Cancer: 1 Day

Learn how to support clients undergoing treatment or living post cancer.  Learn to understand the challenges of osteoporosis, mental health, fatigue and coping with the ‘new normal’.  Treatment of chemotherapy and radiotherapy can be gruelling and often disruptive – this course will empower you to have more confidence working with those in survivorship.

Bands & Sometimes PomPoms: 3.5- 1 Day

It is not that we dislike pompoms, there is always a place for swooshing pompoms but it does not keep you steady on your feet. We use Therabands and Circlebands to demonstrate in a fun way how to use equipment to increase bone health and assist movement.

Special Populations: 1 Day

Understanding practical application of living with long term conditions inc: Stroke, Parkinsons Disease, Brain Injury, Spinal Injury, Dementia, Coronary Heart, Disease, Bone and Muscle conditions inc osteoarthritis, osteoporosis other conditions. This overview day addresses conditions and looks at how we can manage health in a practical way around the conditions. Great knowledge update for CPD’s too.

Menopause Warriors 1 day

This taboo subject needs to be explored and understood better. Measuring impact on hormones, bone health and the 34 symptoms of menopause. understanding its impact in your working environment and the impact and future of mid life onwards. Information is essential to anyone who knows a female in their life.

Stress & Hormones 3.5 hrs

A fast and furious discussion around cavemen and cave women and what is going on inside our bodies when we are relaxed or at war. Fun and engaging journey around your anatomy and its impact on your long term health.

We don’t die of stress but we do die of stress related diseases.

Resilience Warriors 3.5 hrs

Culture change is a reality of modern living. Let;’s break it down and understand what is resilience and how we can apply methodology into working practise. This has been quoted as “game changer” and a “platform of personal discovery” . Adapting through trauma, it literally means bouncing back.

Emotional Intelligence 3.5 hrs

To be self-aware, socially aware, to manage yourself and to manage relationships is the beginnings to emotional intelligence. Also known as a soft skill and is a talent to bring to any evolving team.

Ageing process 3.5 hrs

You will never eat a Crunchie again without thinking about this training. This starts from birth but really kicks off from . 30 years old. We accept we age, so let us take a look at our physiology and how we age on the inside.

Change Management 1 day

Thriving during change is the biggest challenge of them all. Let’s look at classic and unconventional models to start talking and most importantly doing things differently to focus on an ageing population and how together we can all age greatly.

Building Relationships 3.5 hrs

Quick and tasty. Vulnerability and shame play a significant part of this course. This course outlines dignity, compassion, empathy, assertiveness and respect. This can get emotional but the end results are always liberating.

Accountability Works 3.5 hrs

Understanding the power of self control and working on both internal and extrinsic behaviours to become accountable.

Mindfulness 1 day

Being aware of this moment. The mindful approach affects all aspects of life. The way we eat, the way we deal with trauma, how we rest is all impacted whether we are strong or weak at being mindful.

This course is subtle and simply delightful. A way to understand stress and manage living in a stressful world.

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