iCareiMove® is the perfect solution.

Enabling you to promote fitness and wellbeing to your clients!

What we offer?

Our Community tackles inactivity, improving health, education and quality of life of the older population and those that work with it through an engaging range of fun, effective and safe exercise and wellbeing programmes at an affordable subscription.  Our business is to make you well.

Our technology is secure, simple and accessible.  It enables any subscriber to visit our products 24/7 in any environment. The magic of movement is encapsulated on film, audio and downloads designed to reach the unreachable.  With the launch of our web app imminent you will soon be able to take iCareiMove® with you anywhere with all the data synced and backed up via iCloud.

Our staff training will include live cpd modules, blended learning, interaction, practice, online support and regular updates to enable your team to deliver the iCareiMove® programme in your establishment.

If you are a business that cares and is driven by the provision of a quality service to your clients and upskilling and educating your own people, then our interactive portal, bespoke training packages and continuous education will drive a healthier and happier lifestyle all round.

Why choose iCareiMove®

People who live alone aged 65 yrs+
People with dementia in the UK
% reduction in falls when partaking in home based exercise
Average age of our Strength & Balance class client

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