Call for tender- iPad App Development

Product overview

This brief is for a software solution to the problem of distributing a custom selection of high quality videos in a secure way to a dispersed group of individuals, while capturing various analytics and feedback from those individual users and administrators in the field for analysis by administrators. The software must be able to display videos and capture data without an Internet connection in clients homes when required. Users should find the application simple and intuitive to use for all age groups. It should be written in such a way that localisation is possible at a later date and make use of accessibility features where possible.

Detailed product requirements

User roles

The software should have an administrative interface for users with the Admin role.

Fine grained permissions

The software should maintain access control to specific clients and their data. User access permissions should exist to view videos assigned to a client as that particular client. Additionally user access permissions should exist to allow users to edit the client’s information and view secure notes on a client by client basis.


The system should include an admin interface for managing each client’s personal information, such as name, DOB, etc. Administrators need a way to assign which users are able to view each client’s assigned media and which users are able to edit clients information and notes. Users should only be able to view the videos of specific assigned clients and some users should only be able to edit the personal information and notes of specific assigned clients.


The system will be used to collect and store personal information such as health data. For that reason access to an individual’s, personal information, notes comments must be encrypted in transit and at rest and any analytical data must be obfuscated so they cannot be traced back to personally identifiable information. Personal information and notes must be stored securely and protected by fine grained user permissions.

Client Notes

Users with permission on a particular client should be able to make and view notes against that client to capture information as a history for that particular client.


Session analytics such as watch time and usage should be captured to analyse which videos are being watched and when. Administrators should be able to see when specific clients have watched their videos and how much they watched.


Administrators need to be able to see secure feedback from clients about how the videos made them feel. Client users should be able to make notes against individual videos and be prompted for feedback on how the videos make them feel after watching their assigned videos.

Offline mode

The software mustn’t require an Internet connection to function, view videos and edit or collect data. Videos need to have the ability to be cached locally and have a user interface for managing the download and caching of videos. Data needs to be stored locally and synced when a connection becomes available. Data needs to be synced in real time and shouldn’t require page refreshes.


Videos should stream to the device on play and be cached locally for playback without an Internet connection. The user must have the ability to clear the cache and manage which videos are cached locally. Videos should cache on playback automatically and stream in various qualities to allow for poor connections.

Secure video content

Videos need to stream in a secure way so they cannot be accessed by third parties online, copied or duplicated.

Video encoding and transcoding

Administrators should be able to select new videos for upload to the system. Videos on upload should be transcoded into various forms and chunked to reduce their size and prepare them for streaming.

Admin Interface

Administrators should be able to manage and upload videos, assign videos to specific clients, manage user permissions on clients and view analytics.


The design must be intuitive and easy to use for all age groups, particularly the elderly. The user interface should make use of accessibility features where possible.


The software should make use of the platform’s localisation features and be built in such a way that adding additional languages and locales is quick and easy in the future. Call for tender- iPad App Development Contact