iCareiMove and BliueBird Care Franchises working together to support health and wellbeing
By: admin On: September 27, 2019

iCareiMove the New Training provider for BlueBird Care

Wellness Anarchist, Helen Tite, the Health and Wellbeing entrepreneur, is the new training provider with BlueBird Care Franchise Group. Business disruptor, Helen  and her small team, are taking the care sector by storm with their innovative approach to health and ageing greatly.  The team will be using live training and digital technology to share knowledge around ageing well.

The BlueBird Care Franchise Group have invited iCareiMove to deliver their training to the 207 Franchises around the UK. The only other external training provider is the Open University, which in itself brings gravitas to the opportunity.

iCareiMove Coaching Academy

iCareiMove Coaching Academy has been developed to make a difference around active ageing, movement and mobility.

“The training formula is “out of the box”.  We apply a practical and common sense approach with a sprinkle of science, evidence and functional movement.  We can make vital improvements to not only to those needing care, but those in the workforce too.”

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The Happy Gang

When iCareiMove made the conscious shift into care from fitness and wellbeing, they were at first considered to be all of the following; too radical, too innovative, too happy, too small and too preventative.

Several years later, the multi-award winners have taught their method to Care Homes, Home Care Agencies and businesses from other sectors. This includes delivering the method into organisations including Cornwall County Council, Isles of Scilly and Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

“The best way to see wellbeing implementation is not just to train, but support throughout the journey.  That is the essence of creating a resilient, wellbeing culture in any sector….”

“…BlueBird Care Head Office loved our difference. They understood our agile approach and recognised that not one size fits all. The service provides a holistic and authentic approach to living well.”

It doesn’t stop there

Move More Cornwall Logo in bright colours

It doesn’t stop there. The research and development phase is closing. The iCareiMove team are scaling their business andthis includes building a “train the trainer” network and launching their interactive App.

Their relationship with Cornwall Council and the NHS continues to mature. They continue to run collaborative projects around Falls Prevention and Ageing Greatly in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

iCareiMove Coaching Academy includes live workshops and courses using blended learning, ongoing coaching and support which enables the teams to deliver the iCareiMove® programmes.

The team often co-write courses with people living with long term conditions. Using the  icareimove method, they test the model and build further evidence around making improvements to health,

“We know what the books say, but actually living the life to the best that you can is often the biggest challenge. We just find solutions to improving quality of life.”

The formal announcement of the new training partnership will be on the 27th September 2019 at the BlueBird Care National Conference.

 “I am truly delighted that this training opportunity has landed. I have learnt that building relationships is far greater than simply just pushing sales, what we do makes an impact on people’s lives and you can’t beat it.”

For more information please go to:  https://www.icareimove.com/

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