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By: admin On: August 1, 2019

Harry’s Story

Harry came to our Move More assessment day so that we could ensure that he was suitable to attend the course. He was obviously very frail and came in walking on 2 crutches – he was very unsteady and was accompanied by his daughter who just looked terrified but also desperate!

The assessments and forms were completed. These involved running through some functional movement patterns, standing up and sitting down, turning around and reaching for example. Fear of falling and confidence when he is going about his daily life, like showering etc was discussed, documented and scored and he was enrolled.

We felt that although Harry was very unsteady and probably needed a different class to build up his strength first, he should definitely be able to attend. We also knew that, with our knowledge, education and teaching skills, we could get him much more able, very quickly.

How right we were!

How it works

Determined and desperate to be independent, Harry committed to the exercises. He worked hard and ran through his exercises at home with our support and guidance.

A row of people walking for falls prevention


Within 2 weeks he was down to one crutch. 2 weeks after that, he was walking with his sticks. Now he walks in to class with a stick, but it is left by the wall for the whole session.

His eyes sparkle, his daughter cries at the back of the room with pride and gratefulness and the rest of the class beam with delight as he pushes us away because he doesn’t need any help!

Harry can be “sweary” at times but this is purely aimed at himself and at his difficulties – it makes us smile as his daughter cringes and apologises.

He walks around the back of the chair unsupported, and completes the following components standing up and unsupported

  • endurance,
  • balance,
  • strength
  • tai chi


What an outcome. He is more independent, stronger and happier and his mental health has improved. There is light at the end of his tunnel … and he is 92!

Success is achieved by those who try and keep trying.

He got there in the end and continues to be the best version of himself.

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