iCareiMove® is the perfect solution.

Enabling you to promote fitness and wellbeing to your clients!

What is iCareiMove®?

iCareiMove® is an online platform which allows you, the user, to access health, wellbeing and exercise in the form of videos, booklets and pdfs, 24 hours a day.

How do I get the programmes?

If you’re working or living in the Care Sector, our programmes are available via our online platform through an affordable subscription.

Where are you based?

iCareiMove® is based in beautiful Cornwall in the UK but we have a network of fully qualified trainers to support your needs throughout the country.

How do I watch iCareiMove®?

iCareiMove® is streamed on to your TV, mobile phone or any internet connected device. You will be able to log on with your username and password which will give you access to your programmes 24 hours a day.

What if I am a domiciliary agency?

Our programmes are designed so that domiciliary agencies can easily access our programmes in clients’ homes.  Whatsmore, we help you select the programme types based on each of your client’s individual circumstances.

What qualifications do I need to deliver iCareiMove®?

You will need to attend the workshops provided, along with the iCareiMove® subscription. The qualifications will be gained on attendance at our training workshops. This will give you the information and education needed to safely deliver the programmes to your residents and clients.

I have a family member who wishes to use this service at home

Coming soon...Your family member can access the iCareiMove® programmes in their own home. You can either sign up for the subscription on their behalf, or they can sign up.

What can iCareiMove® offer to care homes?

iCareiMove© can help to improve the residents’ quality of life in care Homes, through movement, exercise, wellness and relaxation therapies. The staff also benefit through training sessions, improving interaction with their residents, improving their own health and providing motivation with a renewed sense of accomplishment through their own delivery of the programmes and membership of the iCareiMove® community.

What sort of businesses are you working with?

iCareiMove® are working with Nursing homes, Care homes, Home Care organisations and other fitness professionals, physiotherapists, care providers and agencies and NHS managers.

Tell me about the values of your team

We lead positive social change and deliver health and fitness education to enhance the quality of living. We think differently about getting older, encourage culture change and reach the unreachable. We love people and want a better future.

I am interested in my business working with you – how do we start?

Please email the team at info@icareimove.com and we will be in touch to discuss your options and how we can help you to make a difference.

I think your work can help our business around stress – how do we access your products?

iCareiMove® can help with stress management through the iRepose programme. We can also deliver a bespoke course for resilience and stress management for managers and the workforce, which incorporates change management theories, positivity and self-evaluation. Email the team at info@icareimove.com.

Is this a subscription package?

Yes.  Your affordable, all-inclusive membership to iCareiMove® provides full access to our range of video and audio programmes anytime, anywhere.  With regular content updates, health hacks and tips plus access to our amazing iCareiMove® online community support.

How much is it to unlock iCareiMove®?

Our affordable subscription offers depend on your type of business.  Talk to us about the best solution for your needs.

What do I need to be able to participate in iCareimove0®?

You or your care provider will need internet access.  Participants will need to wear comfortable clothing and have a drink to hand.  You should also ensure that you are in a safe environment to exercise and see our disclaimer.

When is my payment taken?

Monthly and annual payment options are available with a minimum term for a business of one year.  If you have chosen to pay a monthly membership, your payment will be taken every 30 days.  If you have chosen an annual membership, your payment will be taken automatically every year until you unsubscribe.

Why has my login failed?

Have you entered the correct email address for your account?
Have you entered the correct password for your account?
Have you checked to see if caps lock is on?
Contact the support team if you are still having problems at info@icareimove.com.

Are the sessions safe for me?

Sessions that are seated or on the bed are safe for most of our customers. Please listen to our disclaimer video before you start. Please contact your GP if you are unsure.  Use the advice of your care provider and falls risk assessment tool as a guideline for sessions in standing and backward chaining.

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iCareiMove® is the perfect solution.

Enabling you to promote fitness and wellbeing to your clients!