Standing exercise with ball
By: admin On: September 22, 2019

He had the courage to try again with falls prevention.

Four years have passed since the last falls prevention course and time had taken its toll.  Tom used to come to one of our previous strength and balance falls prevention course.  The floor phase of the course was a real challenge for him and we nearly didn’t quite master getting off the floor.  and we had to help him to get up from the floor in several of the sessions.

The Networking hub of the Cornwall seems to be Morrisons Camborne

We always chuckle at the meet-ups in Morrisons and this day was no different. We bumped into him and recruited him there and then.

He looked pretty much the same but was a little more “wobbly” and he was scared – his wife was too. He had deteriorated.

Standing exercise with ball

Week 20

Fast forward 20 weeks and Tom has attended nearly every session. He tires easily but is determined to join back in with the group when he has recovered and he recently watched the rest of the group getting down on to the floor, exercising and then getting up again.

The following week, Tom told us that he was getting on the floor. He did so with courage and confidence. Getting up was slightly more difficult. With guidance, encouragement and support, Tom stood up, turned around and sat down in his chair with a huge smile on his face. The whole group applauded him for his success.

It is never too late to start being more active. Come with us on a journey and learn about being steady on your feet.

What an achievement x

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