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By: admin On: July 1, 2018

He was my elderly gentlemen

Obviously, I have a soft spot for our older population. I witnessed the till operator (a lady in her mid to late 50’s) being rude to an elderly gentlemen. It wasn’t the time to pick a discussion with the operator.


Parkinsons Disease

Based on my demographic of clients and experience, he probably has Parkinson’s Disease by the nature of his gait and his freeze in stepping, his voice and language. He was extremely slow, but more noticeably someone who wanted to chat too.  She was dismissive of him.


He wasn’t JUST old. He was also struggling in the heat and I guess he was lonely. You could see he was up for a natter.


I appreciate that it is key to get customers through the tills quickly, but I was happy to wait. No-one was behind me.

What I found offensive was the operator decided to moan at me about his slowness and that he wants to chat and he was being disruptive!!!! I can assure you that was not what I observed.


More of a casual note to self:

  • To be mindful of others and their needs.
  • To be
  • Have gratitude for your health
  • Appreciate that we are all on our own journeys in life
  • It costs NOTHING to be kind
  • Have Humanity

He got a touch on the back and an eye wink from me.

I held the door open for him and made sure the taxi driver assisted him.


Once they are gone, they are gone

The stories our clients at iCareiMove Live classes are impressive, exciting and they talk of a different time.  A time that sadly only the movies are sharing and we often can not comprehend how life used to be.

We all have/had a parent, relative, neighbour, someone  possibly who has lost a partner, or someone who lives alone.  Look out for these people. One day it could be you.


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    iCareiMove are ensuring the message is being spread. It if we spend less time rushing and more time being resent we will capture beautiful moments to make a difference.

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