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Keeping people steady on their feet

Training the iCareiMove Method

Training you to deliver our method in your business

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iCareiMove is for you if:

  • You have previously fallen
  • Have you lost confidence
  • Afraid of falling
  • Use a walking aid
  • Fitness Professional
  • Care Sector Business

We believe that everyone is entitled to move and feel better and that our fun, inspiring, safe programs helps the elderly, frail and vulnerable in our society to improve their quality of life.

We are in the business of keeping people steady on their feet with our falls prevention method.

iCareiMove is available on-line or in your communities. Contact us .  

Fractures caused by falls by 2030
Bones in the body
Care homes in the UK
Carers in the UK

iCareiMove changes lives

Falls and fall-related injuries are a common and serious problem for older people. People aged 65 and older have the highest risk of falling, with 30% of people older than 65 and 50% of people older than 80 falling at least once a year.

The human cost of falling includes distress, pain, injury, loss of confidence, loss of independence and mortality.  Falls are estimated to cost the NHS more than £2.3 billion per year. Therefore falling has an impact on quality of life, health and healthcare costs.

Customers report improvements to daily living, including personal care, increased mobility and mental wellness but most of all we hear countless stories of increased confidence.

You are a business that cares and is driven by the provision of a quality service to your clients and up skilling and educating your own people.  Our E:learning academy and live training will create a healthier and more resilient environment.


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