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We continue to build a successful on-line and live wellbeing community with the vision to embed wellness into businesses with people at the heart of everything we do. To address and focus on our ageing society, in work, in life and in health.

We are experts in ageing, that has been our niche for over 20 years, making a difference from mid-life to end of life. Being commissioned to deliver my work for our beloved NHS, Councils, Hospitality, Corporate and Care sectors to name but few.

Let me share with you how I build communities embedding wellbeing and improving the quality of life for many is so important in our world today.

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iCareiMove Wellbeing Providers

Age Well

In a rapidly ageing society, many are not ageing well. iCareiMove focus on reframing what old age will look like when trained in physical & mental wellbeing.

Feel Well

Feel Well with Mindivator affectionately named by iCareiMove, as the mental wellness model that supports stress management, mindfulness and meditation.

Move Well

iCareiMove are experts in Physical Activity, teaching speciality fitness programs as part of their holistic wellbeing strategy in an ageing population.

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Be Well


Menopause Health – Learn about the natural ageing process of the female to raise awareness and develop a deeper understanding about how menopause affects all women differently.

Termed the Third Age, this course covers peri to post menopause including surgical menopause and an overarching range of body, mind and behaviour issues associated with menopause.

iCareiMove deliver health hacks and tips to Move Well in Menopause, Eat Well and Relax Well. Be empowered and celebrate this amazing phase for all women.



  • “My consultant told me that there is no Ischaemic heart disease… this program has got me going and I even got myself a puppy to support being more active… I am still unsteady on my feet but at least I have the tools to help me with falling and my confidence.”
    Carol 71
  • "Best course ever, it changed my approach to care and keeping people moving"
    Sally 54
  • “I have taken up bowls again, I still need to work on my balance but I feel like I am getting my life back”
    George Age 75
  • “I practise during the adverts like you told me to, not always, but I do try at home because I want you to see that I am improving. My wife has even joined in.”
    Eric Age 86
  • “Before I came to the course, I used to fall every week. Since coming, I have only fallen twice”
    Chris Age 68
    Front End Developer
  • I fell down at home but I can get myself up now and don’t need any help
    Beryl Age 69
    Web Designer
  • “I do my exercises every day, several times a day. I know that it helps me and I have worked through the whole book in one day”
    Barry Age 84
    UX Designer

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